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Austin Feinstein is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist best known for being the lead vocalist of the fast-rising indie rock band, Slow Hollows. He is beloved for his magical singing abilities, as well as his knack for creating wonderful sounds that lure the listeners in and keeps them captivated from the beginning to end. He began his musical career from a very young age and he has already established himself in the industry as one of the faces to watch out for. Critics and the media all agree that Austin is music’s gift to the world, with his pure talent and genius.

The young man is making waves in the entertainment world, having already collaborated with several well-known stars such as Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator. His band has also garnered a very large following as their popularity and success are growing by the day. They are already considered to be the hottest indie band in the City of Angels, all their musical projects so far have done exceedingly well. His sultry vocal is the powerhouse of the band and so is their sound, which Austin has described as post-punk because of the strange and exciting things they try to do with each new record.

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Stepping out of his comfort zone was one decisive move that really brought Hart Denton face to face with many pitfalls. In the long run, however, he was able to challenge himself, pick up new experiences, and eventually evolved for the better despite several drawbacks that tried to stop him from fulfilling his childhood ambition of becoming a superstar.

If there is one thing Hart is seriously working on; it is to make his family proud and become the next legend in the entertainment industry. In case you don’t know him, Hart is a fast-rising model, actor, and social media sensation.

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It is safe to say that Dylan Kingwell is an acting prodigy in his own right. The actor’s career started when he was just four years old and has never lapsed at any time since then. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Dylan did not start out his acting career doing theatre productions neither did he have to be involved in too many commercials before his big break.

He is lucky, however, that his parents were able to discover his talent early and begin paving the path for his success. Kingwell has done mostly television work and is known for appearing in series and films like The Good Doctor, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Christmas Note.

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The multiple award-winning American star actor and filmmaker, Tony Shalhoub is most remembered for his quirky lead role in the TV dramedy Monk, among many others.

Having started acting in the mid-80s, this Lebanese-American has no doubt had a successful career with a myriad of ethnic roles, including his first prominent portrayal of a romantically inclined Italian cab driver on the sitcom – Wings. Here are the things to know about the actor.

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There is almost nothing that rivals the feeling of joy and satisfaction a parent experiences when they see their kids grow up to achieve more success than they ever did in their prime. Many parents the world over can relate to this; one of such parents is Sandi Graham. However, the baby boomer mother stands above the average cut in this regard. With her son’s success, Sandi didn’t just gain joy and satisfaction; she gained her own share of fame as well.

Sandi is the mother of the famous Canadian rapper and musician, Ireland Boys. Her fame is also boosted by the fact that her son spares no expense or opportunity to dote on his diminutive mother, who he says is his No.1 fan. The relationship between Sandi and her son is one to envy and emulate when it comes to mother-son relationships. Here is all we know about the celebrity mom.

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Growing up in Georgia as an army brat, Joelle Carter had a lot of aspirations and while becoming a Hollywood star might be part of her dreams at the time, she was very active in sports as a student. In fact, she attended college on an athletic scholarship but from the obvious, she later found out that sports weren’t her forte after all.

She ventured into the acting industry in 1992 but her first recorded screen appearance was in one episode of Law & Order aired in 1996. More than two decades down the career path she has chosen, Joelle Carter is an acclaimed actress, comedian, and producer. She has more than fifty film and TV credits to her name with more in the pipeline.

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Not everyone has what it takes to make incredible dance moves on the dance floor. While it is true that everybody must not be a dancer to make it in life, a lot of young people have been able to go to places just by showing off their dancing skills in the presence of a large crowd and judges. Morgan Landrigan is one of such great kids who are making waves in the entertainment industry for showing great mastery over dancing genres such as ballet and hip-hop.

Landrigan began showing signs of greatness at the age of three; when most of her mates were still struggling to express themselves clearly, to say the least. From that time till now, her life has changed for good as a result of the opportunities that have come her way through dancing.

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